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Remote Learning


In partnership with Manitoba Education, representatives from metro, rural, and northern divisions have come together to oversee the design and implementation of a provincial strategy for school leaders, teachers, students, and families.

The Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre portal includes:


A framework outlining foundational beliefs and guiding principles to help build common understandings and support the implementation of evidence-based practices for online learning and teaching. Included in this framework are practical strategies for establishing a sense of belonging and community in an online environment, and for increasing student and teacher efficacy for online learning as well as students’ ability to be independent, self-regulated learners.


A provincial repository of a growing collection of on-demand, accessible English/French learning resources. The collection is being built by Manitoba teachers for teachers supporting learning at home. The repository consists of independent inquiry/project-based learning experiences that address learning outcomes for Kindergarten to Grade 8 students and evidence-based, high-yield teaching strategies/practices, tools, and resources to support student engagement and accelerate student learning.


Professional learning (English/French) supports for teachers that focus on pedagogy and promising practices for the implementation of remote learning, various implementation models and high-yield strategies for teachers supporting students in both online and low/no tech learning environments, as well as how-to videos on using technology platforms.


A remote learning support team composed of educators from across the province, as well as Manitoba Education consultants. This team will work as provincial instructional coaches to support remote learning support centre teachers, as well as teachers in the field where needed, in the implementation of online and remote learning across the province. This team will also include clinicians that will support the health and well-being of students and teachers.


Learning supports for Kindergarten to Grade 8 students who are learning at home due to COVID-19. The Remote Learning Support Centre teachers will provide remote learning support to schools and school divisions that offer remote learning and that, due to capacity issues, require additional support in providing remote learning programming. The teachers will provide synchronous and asynchronous learning, as outlined in the Manitoba Education Standards for Remote Learning. (Currently, this support is only available in English.) The support centre teachers - Homeschool Connectors, will also provide support to Kindergarten to Grade 8 children who are homeschooled due to COVID-19. Learning will emphasize independent work with weekly check-ins and will require parent/caregiver engagement. To access services, contact the principal of the Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre principal@mbremotelearning.ca.