Guiding Principles

for Remote Learning


Student learning and well-being are enhanced when students feel like they belong to a community in which everyone is valued, accepted, and supported.

Underlying assumptions:

  • Positive teacher-student relationships are critical to student success and can be cultivated and maintained online.

  • A sense of belonging and community can be achieved through virtual means.

  • Parents/caregivers are integral extended members of online learning communities.

  • Online class members are comfortable seeking help and exposing what they know and don’t know for the purpose of gaining deeper understandings.

Strategies for Guiding Principle 1:

  • Practice self-care.

  • Build awareness of the benefits of community.

  • Interact with students in ways that promote personal connections.

  • Structure opportunities for students to learn more about each other.

  • Design assignments that facilitate discussion amongst students.

  • Incorporate rituals.

  • Utilize cooperative learning strategies.

  • Gain awareness of the research regarding parents’/caregivers’ experiences and support parental involvement.

  • Bring the outside in and the inside out.

  • Acknowledge and respond to the effects of trauma.

  • More examples of strategies can be found in the repository.