Resources for health
and well-being.

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The Student Support Team includes clinicians, as well as redeployed Inclusion Support Branch staff to:

  • Provide direct, individual support to students struggling with mental health needs in the remote learning environment.

  • Collaborate with school clinicians from catchment school divisions to ensure appropriate supports are provided for students and their families.

  • Help families to connect with mental health agencies and supports outside the school system, as needed.

  • Provide professional consultation and development of materials to support teacher wellness.

  • Support Direct Service teachers regarding the social and emotional impacts of positive COVID-19 cases in a school.

  • Support parents/guardians to navigate appropriate mental health supports for their school-aged child and bridge connections with their local school or division to maintain supports.


Project 11’s curriculum aims to help students develop a stronger sense of mental wellness and a greater ability to cope with life’s challenges in a positive and healthy way.

Teachers of Kindergarten through Grade 8 can access lesson plans that target Manitoba’s Health Education and Language Arts outcomes in both English and French along with many engaging support videos that promote wellness practices and a healthy lifestyle.

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