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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Manitoba’s Remote High School Programming work?

The online high school programs were developed to provide online access to high school courses for Manitoba students across the province. In particular, it’s intended for students where their required course isn’t offered at their local high school, their course is available but there’s a schedule conflict, or the student can’t attend high school in person for medical reasons.

Manitoba Education & Early Childhood Learning has partnered with two online high schools (TMO and InformNet) for delivery. Students enrol directly with one of these partners and complete course material by signing in after they’ve registered. Both partners are accredited high schools and courses, content, and instruction are the same as in-class learning.

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Remote Learning 101

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Remote Learning 101

What is remote learning?

Remote Learning is a method of accessing and taking courses where learners and their teachers may be in different physical locations. Students engage in rich learning experiences and have a sense of community with their teachers and classmates in alternative ways than a physical classroom. 

Alternatives may include high-tech methods such as participating in an online class over the internet or lower-tech methods such as connecting with a teacher over the phone. Remote Learning offers flexible options for students to access courses beyond the physical classroom.

What is provincial remote learning programming?

Provincial remote learning programming provides high quality remote learning options that respond to the different needs of students, schools, and school divisions in order to support flexibility and increased educational opportunities for learners in Manitoba, regardless of geographic location. For more information, see the How It Works page.

Why choose a remote learning course?

There are many reasons why you may choose to take a remote learning course:

      • the required course is not offered in your school;
      • you have a timetable conflict;
      • you have a medical reason preventing you from attending in-person;
      • you simply prefer to learn remotely.

Whatever the case, your guidance counsellor can help support your pathway to success.


Who can enrol in a provincial remote learning courses?

Provincial remote learning programming is open to all Manitoba students in grades 9 – 12 (public, private or home school).  You must have a MET # to register (see question below for more information).  Please contact your guidance counsellor if you have any questions.

What is a MET #?

A MET # is a unique number assigned to Manitoba students upon registration with Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning.  This number remains the same throughout your education and is different from a school student number.

I am a newcomer to Manitoba, can I take a provincial remote learning course?

Yes, as long as you have a Manitoba MET #.  Please contact your guidance counsellor if you have questions about remote learning programming.

I am in another province or country, can I enrol in a provincial remote learning course?

Please contact the individual remote learning programs to find out more information.

I am an adult learner requiring a grades 9 – 12 course, am I able to register?

Please contact the individual programs for more information about adult learning. You may also wish to consult with Adult Learning and Literacy to find a Certified Adult Literacy Program and/or Adult Learning Centre.


I would like to take a remote learning course, how do I register?

To register for a remote learning program, please work with your school guidance counsellor.  You can also register with the programs, directly.

What courses are available?

Current course details for each program are available on the Remote Learning High School Programs Find Your Course page.

Can I enrol in a remote learning course at any point in the year?

The programs run on a semester basis, with courses running from September to January (Semester 1) and February to June (Semester 2).  For registration dates and deadlines, please see the individual program registration pages.

I would like to learn from home, on my own time – what option is best for me?

An asynchronous option would be best for you.  Asynchronous courses involve independent learning that does not involve a set class time and communications with the teacher is flexible and as needed. Please speak with your guidance counsellor about which option is best for you.

I would like to take a remote learning course and would benefit from direct instruction from the teacher and discussion with my peers – what option is best for me?

A synchronous course option would be best for you. Synchronous courses involve a teacher and their students interacting in real time.

All Teacher Mediated Option (TMO) Courses are synchronous, which means that classes are live and occur at a set time.

InformNet offers synchronous courses to students not attending a school.  These courses are for grades 9 – 10 students only and are required for graduation. Please speak with your guidance counsellor about which option is best for you.

I am a student with the Division scolaire Franco-Manitobaine. Where can I find courses?

Remote learning options are available on the DSFM website.

What to Expect

Is there an enrolment fee upon registration?

Provincial remote learning high school programming is operated by InformNet and TMO. Manitoba continues to explore long-term options for remote learning programming, and will share changes once they unfold.

What happens if I enrol in a remote learning course and decide it’s not for me – is there a refund policy?

Please speak with the principal of the program you have enrolled in – withdrawal and refund policies may vary.

Can I take all my courses remotely?

Yes. Please work with your school guidance counsellor to ensure that this is the right option for you. If you do not attend a school, please contact the administrator of the remote learning program you are attending.

How does attendance work in a remote learning course?

Your teacher will provide you with attendance expectations at the start of the course. 

Who do I contact if I have questions? (e.g., course options, graduation requirements, registration, etc.)?

Please see your school guidance counsellor if you have any questions regarding remote learning programming.  You can also reach out to the remote learning programs, themselves. 

What technology do I need to be successful in a remote learning course?

Technology requirements may vary depending on the program you have enrolled into.

In most cases, you will require a computer, laptop or tablet with access to the Internet.  On your device you may need access to a word processor, presentations creator, PDF reader and a web browser (Firefox or Chrome – not Safari). 

Some programs may not require internet access, but instead use print packages or a telephone.

Please speak with your guidance counsellor about  technology supports.

I don’t have access to the Internet at home – what are my options?

Low and/or no technology options may be available (print packages, telephone) – please contact the programs directly to see how they can support you.

I require an assistive device, such as a screen reader or speech-to-text software, to support my learning.

If you require technology accommodations to support your learning, please speak with your guidance counsellor for support.

Once I register, where do I find my remote learning course(s)?

All courses can be accessed through Brightspace Learning Management System. Your teacher will provide you with a unique username and password upon registration prior to the start of your course.

If you are participating in a synchronous course, you may meet your teacher and peers in an online meeting room/platform.  These platforms may vary, speak with your teacher if you have questions about how to connect.

Do I need a textbook?

Most course materials can be accessed online in Brightspace Learning Management System. If additional course materials are required, your teacher will notify you.

How do I connect with my teacher?

Your teacher will contact you directly with information about the course and how to contact them.

Does my school know if I am taking a remote learning course?

The remote learning programs work collaboratively with your school to ensure you are successful.

Will my course credits be transferred to my school upon completion?

Depending on how the student registers, course credits may be issued by the student’s school or by the remote learning program, itself.

What is the time commitment required to successfully complete a remote learning course?

To be successful, students must be actively working on their course each day.  Your teacher will communicate the expectations at the start of the course.

Are assessments completed remotely, too?

Assessment policies and practices may vary, depending on the program.  Please speak with your teacher.

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